This Perl script traverses all directories specified in the $listpath variable in search of postscript files of ortep plots.

Then, for each ortep, it it uses Ghostscript version 2.6.1 to make a GIF file from the PostScript file, and a GIF thumbnail. Support for the gif device must be compiled into the version of Ghostscript that is used.

An HTML file is written for a page featuring the thumbnail images inlined, with pointers to the full sized GIFs.

Written by D. Joe Anderson, Jr.||| deejoe blat etrumeus blot com

Download the file ortep2html.pl

Here is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a colleague to try to describe how this script does the PostScript to GIF conversion. GhostScript should be able to do other types of conversions, as well, though I notice it's up to at least version 5 now, so I don't know if it still works as it did when I was a grad student!

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